Style and Art


Villa Orca combines an abundance of natural materials into a sophisticated island living space. The grey marble and limestone flooring throughout is perfectly designed and laid with geometric patterns, cleverly offset by sisal rugs and walls plastered with white-grey clay.


Teak beams adorn the ceilings and the interior doors combine black lacquered steel with wood and glass in a uniquely stunning and original design. Contemporary furnishings throughout are blended with huge, oversized original paintings and artwork, palettes of white-grey and black, blend with the natural wood, tropical greenery and azure blue of the coastal views.

With faultless attention to design and detail, this is truly a one-of-a-kind impressively unique villa, modestly comfortable but seriously hinting at a glamourous tropical island lifestyle.

Villa Orca is an inspiration, all you need to decide is whether you want three, four or five sumptuous bedrooms…

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