Our Sustainability & Responsible Tourism practices

Since the beginning of 2023, we have implemented a series of practices and better choices in our operating processes to generate a more positive impact on our environment and local communities.

When staying with us, you don’t just observe the local heritage or tropical environment, we invite you to help us look after and give back to it as part of our mutual responsibility and shared values.

Our journey to operate in a more sustainable and ethical way started with the support of QALIA, the endorsement for luxury villa brands and their sustainable practices, and we are proud to have met the criteria of the ESSENTIALS level.

Reference Category & Criteria
  ENERGY, SDG goals
1 LED lighting makes up 100% of the property’s lighting
2 We use a sustainable email marketing software (ie ecosend.io, dotdigital.com)
3 Our web hosting is eco-friendly
  WASTE, SDG goal
4 We use refillable bulk dispensers for the bathroom amenities (replacing single-use plastic containers)
5 Water for our Guests is in glass bottles(replacing single-use plastic bottles)
6 We have reusable plastic/acrylic cups (replacing single-use plastic glasses) for outdoor use
7 We use organic straws & stirrers (replacing single-use plastic ones)
8 Our laundry bags are made of re-usable or recycled material (replacing single-use plastic bags)
9 We have a recycling plan in place for glass, paper, plastic, and organic waste
  WATER, SDG goal
10 We propose a towel reuse program to our guests
11 We propose a less frequent linen changeto our guests
12 In-house vegetarian and/or vegan menu options are offered to guests
13 Plants in pots are used for decoration (replacing cut and/or plastic flowers & plants)
14 At least 80% of the food ingredients offered at Villa Orca is homemade and/or locally sourced
15 Wwe only offer "À La Carte" meals (replacing buffet style) to avoid food waste
16 We are using 100% natural and/or eco-friendly cleaning products
17 Coffee, Tea and chocolate suppliers are fair trade or locally sourced
18 Wild (non-domesticated) animals are not displayed/interacted with or captive on the property or consumed, or sold
19 Garden refuses are used as compost (not burned)
20 We features a local charity project (Elephant Sanctuary) on our website to raise awareness about local charities
21 We do not promote any tour or activity involving the use of animals (elephant riding, birds/tiger/snake/water animals shows, ...)
22 We clearly identify and primarily promote eco-friendly activities in Koh Samui
23 We recommend tours and activities organised by local guides and businesses
24 We inform our guests with information regarding visitors' etiquette
25 We communicate our sustainability practices, actions and performance to all stakeholders and seeks to engage their support
  SOCIAL, SDG goals
26 We practice wage parity and offer higher than average salaries and benefits to our employee
27 We measure and report our resources/energy consumption
28 PWe have a clear booking policy against the sex trade and human trafficking (cf https://thecode.org/about/)
29 We offer wellness and mindfulness activities to guests (in or out of property)
30 We provide yoga mats and meditation cushions to our guests on request
QALIA Framework V1.2, April 2023
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