Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) of Villa Orca Samui


The following Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) have been prepared for you to help better understand the  Villa Orca Samui rental process.


We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Villa Orca Samui and the entire rental process. If you have any specific questions about renting Villa Orca Samui and the necessary travel arrangements, please feel free to ask us by the contact form, and we will be happy to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Villa Orca Samui lists the villa rental prices per night for one entire villa for rent. The price of the additional bed is charged per night, per persona over the standards number of guests. All the supplementary guests over the standard number are charged 50US$/per night/per additional guests. Please, inform us in advance, if you will need additional beds for extra guests.

No. The villa have a minimum stay requirement  of 2 (Two) nights in Low Seasons, 5 (Five) nights during Chinese New Year, 5 (Five) nights during Easter and, 7 (Seven) nights during New Year, 3 (Three) nights the remaining part of the Year, but exceptions could be made.

Villa Orca Samui rentals price is counted according to the per night rate and length of your stay.

Yes. Renting a villa is no different from any other travel adventure, in that a villa for rent can include additional costs. So that you feel more prepared for your travel experience, let us review some of the other expenses you might encounter:

Villa Orca Samui rental taxes:

A vacation villa rental is subject to the tax system of the country in which it is located. This means that an additional cost of the Service Charge of 10 %, will be added to the price of the villa for rent per night. And a VAT of 7%.  The Service charges and VAT are included in your invoice and are paid at the same time with the villa rental payment.

Villa Orca Samui deposits:

Security, damage, or telephone deposits are sometimes required at Villa Orca Samui. This is not exactly a cost, as all deposits are refundable so long as there’s no damage to the villa or outstanding phone bills, however, it will account for some initial output. Our Booking Manager will inform you during the Booking Procedure if a Security Deposit is needed. In case a Security Deposit has not indicated the guest is still responsible for any breakages and damages to the Villa and its Property.

Tipping at Villa Orca Samui for rent:

Tipping is always a touchy and confusing aspect of travel. It is important to remember that tipping is still at the discretion of the traveller. If you are satisfied with the service received at our villa a good guideline to be used at the villa is hotel-style tipping. The rates include 10% Service charge.

Food Costs at Villa Orca Samui:

A villa for rent will include a Chef by request; the price of food would be charged by the recipe from the market and an 20% delivery fee per grocery bill. Except the Continental Breakfast, that is included in the night Rate.

How to pay for the villa:

Payment by the Guest to the Company of a deposit of 50% of the entire rental fee is required and must be received to confirm the reservation (have a look on Booking conditions). The remaining balance is generally needed no later than 30 days before the date of the Client’s arrival at their villa for rent. If the Agreement becomes binding inside the window of the specific payment dates, the Client is required to pay the total rental fee to the Company to secure the villa. Payment may be made via bank transfer.

Payment to the third party for services:

You may wish to rent a particular car, a minivan with a driver, take a guided excursion Villa Orca Samui is not responsible for the services of any other companies on the Island. Please, be ready for cash payment, as many businesses on the Island don’t have credit card machines. However, don’t worry, there are many ATMs on the Island, please, confirm advance with you bank the possibility to use your credit card in Thailand.

Extra services should be paid in cash at the Villa.

Villa Orca Samui team includes Cooking Chef on request, Maid, Gardener and a Villa manager.

Villa Orca Samui provides you towers for the use in the bathroom and bedroom, for the purpose near the pool and towels for the beach. In case if the proper way will not use any sheets, the guest will be charged for the laundry of those towels.

No, we don’t have a therapist living in the villa, but we know the best therapists of the Island, that are ready to come to the villa and give you a perfect massage.

The massage is charged separately. Please, feel free to ask the prices to the Villa manager.

No, we don’t take responsibility for the guest’s laundry, we bring your laundry in a specialized laundry service on the island. It is prohibited to use the villa’s washing machine by the guests.

Villa Orca Samui highly recommends using the included pick-up service from the Samui Airport.

Our driver will kindly welcome you to Samui Airport at your arrival to drive you to the villa and will bring you to the airport on the check-out day. The night rates include 1 (one) Pickup and drop-off service per Booking. If the guests come at a different time, any additional transfers will be charged besides.

Don’t worry, inform us in advance. An additional fee for the transfer could be charged.

Booking a villa during the hectic holiday season generally means that prices and minimum stay requirements will peak for villa for rent.

Villa Orca Samui accommodations are excellent for a family. For the most part, a villa can make travelling with small children much less stressful and much more enjoyable; it’s easier to keep an eye on your children at a villa than a crowded hotel. We have free of charge high chair and a baby cot.

No, the Villa Orca Samui don’t include insurance in the rates, please contact your insurance company to get insurance before the arrival in the Villa.

No, we do not have a fitness room. But we can kindly assist you with a booking of a gym membership during your stay.

Villa Orca Samui can gladly assist you with your car reservations for an additional fee. You may also contact your local travel agent. The Villa Orca Samui team will work with each client several weeks before their arrival to arrange for the airport transfers, book a car rental, and have food delivered to your villa.

Villa Orca Samui can gladly assist you with the activities around the Island, we do not provide our proper services, but have a large choice of excursions and activities supplied by Island’s Travel agents.  At the villa, you will find the brochures of the best tours and trips available on the Island.

All additional activities are paid in cash.

Villa Orca Samui villas are always booked well in advance, which is why we recommend inquiring up to one year before your travel date. It would be best to have all papers and details settled 4 – 2 months before departure to ensure availability of your requested villa for rent and your requested dates. This, however, does not mean that reservations are limited to several months before departure. It has undoubtedly happened several times in the past that clients have made a booking for a villa rental within a day or two of departure, but we do not encourage such practices for apparent reasons.

Villa Orca Samui visits can be tough to schedule at times because of limited availability, clients or owners privacy reasons. However, a visit request is indeed understandable, and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

Yes, we provide cooking classes for our Guests, please ask The Booking or Villa Managers about the possibility to make a cooking class during your stay.

Yes, we provide a possibility to make food and beverages pre-order for your arrival. The Groceries and drinks will be charged by the market ticket +20% transport fee.


We also provide Groceries preorder upon request Groceries and drinks will be charged by the market ticket +20% transport fee

Villa Orca Samui recommend making a pre-order for late arrivals, as our chef needs to buy the groceries and cook (2-3 h required), the grocery stores and fresh markets close early on Koh Samui.

The Continental breakfast includes Coffee, Tea, Juice, Fruits (Papaya, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Banana), Muesli, Jam, Homemade yoghurt, Toast bread, Pancakes or Crepes.


Any additional options for breakfast are charged in addition to the market ticket + 20% transport fee.

Don’t worry, if we don’t have another check-in on the same day we can offer you to stay longer for a supplementary fee.


Check-out after 1 pm: 1/2 of the Last night rate


Check-out after 6 pm: Full price for the Last night rate


Please, inform us in advance, to be sure that a “Late check-out” is possible.

Don’t worry, if we don’t have another check-out on the same day we can offer you to stay longer for a supplementary fee.


Check-in before 12 am: 1/2 of the First night rate


Check-in before 7 am: Full price for the First night rate


Please, inform us in advance, to be sure that an “Early check-in” is possible.

No, we do not have an air-conditioned office space 

Yes, we do have one for our direct guests, please contact our Booking manager for more details.
The villa is built in 2020.
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