9 Reasons to spend your holiday on Koh Samui Island


No matter if you prefer to dive under the Turquoise waters, pure beach holiday, wondering around Buddhist temples, or dreaming to enjoy tropical safari adventures, Thailand has it all.  It’s time to organize your next holiday on Koh Samui Island!


From lush tropical jungles and fascinating sandy beaches drenched by sunshine and turquoise water, to wonderful Buddhist temples, Samui encapsulates everything that’s you wish experience during your holidays. Located just stone’s throw from Bangkok, Samui sits in the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand.


Geographically in the Chumphon Archipelago, it is part of Surat Thani Province, it is located in waters of the Gulf of Thailand.


There are at least 9 reasons why Koh Samui is the perfect place for a holiday. Are you ready? Let’s see our favorites:


  1. The perfect place to relax.

Samui is a good place to unwind, relax and enjoy the simpler things in life. It has a large diversity of activities and beautiful places to discover. From retreats to active sports – everyone will find it’s key to relaxation.


  1. Stunning sandy beaches and turquoise water.

Most sun-seekers head to Samui to enjoy its sea and gorgeous sandy beaches.  They never get really crowded, compared to other Thailand holiday destinations – there is enough of golden sand for everyone, you still can find wild beaches on the Island.  The diversity of beach will also surprise you, from long sand beaches in Mae Nam area to little bays crowned by ancient stones in Lamai. 


  1. Tropical climate – always summer!

Each season of the year on Koh Samui has it’s own charm. The average temperature during the year is 28-36C with more than 300 sunny days in the year, all that paired with a salty sea breeze.


  1. Thai cuisine

After spending the whole day in the sea or by the beach, you will be tired and hungry. Don’t worry, on Samui the fish is always fresh and the spices will give you a kick to start the night. Feed your stomach and soul with different flavors, fresh seasonings and fruit juices.  Thai cuisine and street food are worldwide famous, you will always find something interesting for your taste!


  1. So many activities to do – Kids Friendly Island

You’ll never feel boring on Koh Samui, a large choice of activities is: Aqua parks and Aqua shows, Thai dance shows, safari tours, water activities, ancient and new temples, yoga classes, Thai boxing classes, Thai cooking classes, meditation retreats, yachts rental and sea trips, diving, snorkeling and much more!


  1. For the golden sunsets and sunrises: a never boring spectacle

Golden, some times pink or event violet sky and fresh breeze that will make you stop whatever you are doing to contemplate this beautiful spectacle. Seriously, the sunsets on Koh Samui are unbelievably beautiful. Around 6.00 – 6.30 pm go to a beach and relax! Recharge your batteries, celebrate one more amazing day, and welcome a happy new night.


On Samui you can see the sunset from many beaches, the view is always different and has it’s own charisma. Thai people take their “sunset moment” very serious, and they know how to appreciate nature.


Villa Orca Samui has an unforgettable view during the golden hours


  1. It’s accessibility

In Samui is located an international Airport. It’s so easy to get to Samui by plane.


Only 1h10 from Bangkok


1h40 from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore*


3h20 from Hong Kong*


(*Let’s hope for the travel borders to be open soon)


  1. For the Anthong Natinal Park

The Antonong National park is a part of Koh Samui municipality and is easly accessible by boat. Mu Ko Ang Thong is a beautiful marine national park. It covers 42 islands with a total area of 102 km², of which 18 km² are land. By the way, here was made some parts of the famous movie “ The Beach”.


  1. For Diving and snorkeling: Cristal water and friendly fishes

You will find a large range of diving school and snorkeling tours on Koh Samui (School with and international PADI certificates available). Usually to meet the most amazing and friendly fishes you will take the waters to Koh Pangan Island or Ko Tao or the Anthong National Park.


Some lucky people saw pink dolphins around Koh Samui and in November, near the Koh Tao Island are migrating the largest known extant fish species – the whale sharks (don’t worry, they feed almost on plankton and, therefore, are completely harmless to humans).


Delighted by Koh Samui Island?


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